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It's a good start. A good start is half the job, but a good start is only the half of it.
Try making a full song out of it with a catchy tune.


Our first and best collab ever :D
To the guys under me, thx for the kind review.
We'll try to finish it soon :)


Correct me if I'm wrong but this basicly sounds the same as the original except a bit slower.....

Nice effort but...

No, just no.
I'm sorry to tell you this but for someone going to school to make music this is pretty amaturistic.
It sounds way to plain, it's too short.
And in my opinion way too "funky".
Suitable for a movie with some retard in it but not to be heard as real music.

Let's hope you learn more at that school than this.

DjKirb responds:

I think you'd fit the role of retard in said movie because:

a) I didn't say I went to school to learn how to make this you ass.

b) I said I simply returned from school with some new skills.

c) Notice the big bold (WIP) in the name? I did. So did others.

And as for you calling me an amature?
Perhaps you should try another genre instead of "Video Games".
Oh, and as for your "drum n bass" ....''track''....it isn't "drum n bass". Sorry

Now go back to your room, and sodomize yourself. kthnxbai

P.S, lern2troll


Sounds pretty good, easy listening.
Nothing too special but not bad either.

killerhoofd responds:

thanks man!


Sounds allot like the original if you ask me, you should have added a bit more to the beat and make it more your own song. Just listen to some of my remixes, you can hear that I made them when you listen to them even though they are remixes from existing songs :)

Ehm... no, just no.

I'm sorry to say this but I definitly do not like this remix.
And sytrus is just fail (if I heard correctly) xD
The kick absolutely doesn't fit in.
Nice try though.

Not bad

It does have that christmasy feel there's just one problem.
This track has been done so many times I kinda got bored of it.
Judging on your music skills though it's a good song.
Would you mind listening to some of my songs and commenting on it as well?
I make allot of video game soundtrack remixes as well :D

GenoWhirled responds:

In my own defense, the whole song is a mix of 3 different songs. Please listen to the whole thing if you haven't already.


Nice effort on the voice, it's a pity that it sounds off :S
Maybe you're better of using a plugin voice instrument.
Pretty good though.

SoulSecure responds:

It's a pity that the voices are not off and you think they are. If you want to hear "off" sounding music, listen to my other stuff. Also, all my instruments, besides drums, are tangible ones. I don't use silly computer plug ins to make music that I could easily make using my hands and an instrument.

You must also take into account what influences are present here. Obviously, the biggest influence here would be middle eastern 'folk' musics, in which, some do not believe in perfect pitch and also have more notes in their scales than western music. If you hear something "off" about my saz playing or my singing, you are probably hearing the microtones that are not usually pleasant to western ears.

the fuck -_-

Even a monkey can make this, I don't know why so many people gave you a 10..... it isn't that good, I make better music.
at least you stated yourself that it sucks :P

tehslaphappy responds:

Well that was extremely rude.

What can I say? Just a student who enjoys making music once in a while.

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