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I like how you have used my song in this animation of yours. Feel free to use other ones :)

Big bag of money

You should totally get paid for doing this :o
Your art and animation is equal to (and even better in some occasions) animated tv shows.
Maybe comedy central is interested??:P


Oke the concept has been done several times I believe so nothing new there.
The "art" is probably around/below the average of newgrounds submitions.
Voice acting well... there wasn't that many at all :P.
Music used was reasonable, liked the ending theme which fits it perfectly.
How this got front page? I don't know, either you paid the right guy or you did something under his desk I don't know.
Anyway, I think you can become good, like my music it.
It started out like crap and now it's reasonable if I may say so myself.
We'll see if you become a good flash artist or not.
Good luck, don't see this as flaming or whatever term they use these days, it's just constructive criticism :P

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at stage 13 I got a straight line of antibiotics and white bloodcells so it was impossible for normal cells to survive and when I infected a blood cell with that immune germ I got 3 normal ones and died :P
that happened about 10 times that's when I quit.
nice game though

Bug :O

I enjoyed playing the game, the first time I beat the shadow thing I went to the boy, talked to him, walked a little but further, went back and my game kind of froze. The animations were still working (radar thing was moving around and the chars moved) but I couldn't walk, pop up the menu or pretty much do anything at all.
On top of that the time was frozen as well so I couldn't do anything except closing the game.
I enjoyed playing it but this is a pretty huge bummer.

good job

this is a great game, you might be wondering, why humor 7? well i just loved the way the zombies' leg falls of when you shoot it :D
but it was fun to play, good job ;)

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It's a good start. A good start is half the job, but a good start is only the half of it.
Try making a full song out of it with a catchy tune.


Our first and best collab ever :D
To the guys under me, thx for the kind review.
We'll try to finish it soon :)


Correct me if I'm wrong but this basicly sounds the same as the original except a bit slower.....

What can I say? Just a student who enjoys making music once in a while.

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