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I like how you have used my song in this animation of yours. Feel free to use other ones :)

Big bag of money

You should totally get paid for doing this :o
Your art and animation is equal to (and even better in some occasions) animated tv shows.
Maybe comedy central is interested??:P


Oke the concept has been done several times I believe so nothing new there.
The "art" is probably around/below the average of newgrounds submitions.
Voice acting well... there wasn't that many at all :P.
Music used was reasonable, liked the ending theme which fits it perfectly.
How this got front page? I don't know, either you paid the right guy or you did something under his desk I don't know.
Anyway, I think you can become good, like my music it.
It started out like crap and now it's reasonable if I may say so myself.
We'll see if you become a good flash artist or not.
Good luck, don't see this as flaming or whatever term they use these days, it's just constructive criticism :P

I... hate.... rick...

Though I hate the whole "you got rick rolled hahah roflomg blabla" shit, I loved the way you did it. Not the cheesy way most people do it. Good job.


It was a good flash, but the voice acting for megaman and link where kind of.... bad. they just didn't fit the characters. anyway, good flash, hope to see more of it.

what the....

Oke this flash was not very good in my opinion. Although the animation was pretty smooth and stuff, the script was bad. Kinda gay 2.... sorry but that's my opinion, i don't think fish dicks are that funny. 7 for flash smoothness, 1 for the idea.

BurningBunnies responds:

What is it with homophobia on the internet?

OMG a male reproductive organ that's so gay!

duh :P

the wii also outsold the 360 (it sold more in the same period)
because the 360 has been sold for a longer period of time, it has been bought more.


in the beginning if you click on link it says: race: unknown. as many zelda fans may know, zelda is from Hyrule (hyrulian). did not know this or is it part of the movie?

Holy crap

i laughed so hard man! there should be more like this. nice work


well it's okey... i guess

What can I say? Just a student who enjoys making music once in a while.

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